About us

Centre Position & Priorities

The Brimbank Little Athletics Centre Committee dedicate their time and efforts to improving the club facilities so that in turn the athletes can have the best chance possible to work towards their personal best achievements. Our priority is to develop children of all abilities, to promote positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle, to involve the whole family and community in our activities and to use athletics as a means to achieve these aims.


Little Athletics Victoria’s motto of “Family, Fun and Fitness” is one that our Centre encourages. To be able to provide the whole family with an environment where you can have fun whilst keeping fit.

The Centre prides itself on the success of the athletes and encourage them to continue their athletics careers after they move on from little athletics. We wish all the athletes and families all the best with their ongoing senior athletic endeavours.

Mission Statement

Brimbank Little Athletic Centre (BLAC) would like to welcome families from the local community to our club, we believe that by being actively involved in your child’s growth and development in a safe and friendly environment, not only will your children, so will the entire family unit.

Our Centre does not discriminate against age, gender, social/financial status, race or ability. Our Centre welcomes new members between the ages of 5 to 18 and their families. We provide the opportunity for children to participate in athletic based events to develop their own abilities and achievements. We offer both social and competitive levels of athletics an promote the encouragement of all abilities and age groups.

It is our mission to develop children of all abilities by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through family community involvement in athletic activities.

Centre Values

• Good sportsmanship by all;
• Respect for all club members - parents, grandparents, carers, guardians and athletes; 
• Commitment to the Centre, families and athletes;
• Positive growth and development of children;
• Team work and support;
• Fair competition.